African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

The collaboration enables graduates from AIMS to continue with graduates studies in UCC. The department, among others, provides supervisors for the students in collaboration with other supervisors from AIMS who were the lecturers for the course-work component of the programme. The department prescribes other top-up courses (if there is the need) which the students concerned read in the department. The University of Cape Coast is the awarding institution. So far, students have been pursuing MPhil (Statistics) and MPhil (Mathematics) programmes and the third batch of students have been admitted. The first batch, which had only one student admitted in 2013, has since graduated successfully with MPhil in Statistics. The second batch, which has three students, have already submitted their first copy of their theses to the School of Graduate Studies for further processing. The recent batch has four students. This collaboration offers the department the opportunity to contribute to the realisation of the goal of producing internationally-acclaimed scientists from Ghana.