Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

You are welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the five departments in the School of Physical Sciences within the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. The department runs programmes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. There are six major programmes being run in the department at the undergraduate level. These are as listed:

  • BSc. Mathematics
  • BSc. Statistics
  • BSc. Actuarial Sciences
  • BSc. Mathematics and Statistics
  • BSc. Mathematics with Economics
  • BSc. Mathematics with Business

The department is thus made up of three main sections. These are the Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science sections. Programmes are also run at the graduate level. There are four regular graduate programmes currently on-going. These are

  • MPhil in Mathematics
  • MPhil in Statistics
  • PhD in Statistics
  • PhD in Mathematics

The department also runs Master of Science (MSc) programmes in Mathematics and Statistics. The MSc programmes involve only taught courses with no research components and are run on sandwich basis. 

The academic staff number over twenty. This is made up of fourteen full-time lecturers, two part-time lecturers and three principal research assistants. There are also currently twelve teaching assitants at post. 

The department is among the largest departments in the School of Physical Sciences. It offers courses that are accessed by students from various departments and schools/faculties of the university. These departments/schools/faculties include all the departments in the School of Physical Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Biochemistry and School of Medical Sciences. It also makes its staff available to teach applied courses that are mounted by other departments.


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The department is a competitve choice for applicants who will want to develop their prospect in the mathematical sciences. The department, in line with the plan of the university, has focused on developing the expertise of its staff for the three component sections.